RLD does custom orders for Sock Sidekicks, pet portraits, upcycle projects and editing videos.  RLD also does presentations and workshops but you are here because you want to know about purchasing items.  Orginal paintings will be available on the store soon.

Pet Portraits and other pieces

RLD does pet portraits. As you can see Amanda's style is a little different than most in that she uses bright colors that would never be seen on a pet unless they had been dyed in a rainbow. She can also do piectures that are closer to the original and she will verify that even before she starts.

Commissions pieces of beloved pets are done by size.

$40 - 6x6, 5x7 and smaller

$60 - 8x8, 8x10

$80 - 9x12, 10x10

$100 - 11x14, 12x12

Larger sizes available at requests. Sales tax and shipping is not included in prices.

RLD does use commissioned portraits as cards, prints, medallions, buttons and on other items but if you do not wish your custom painting to be used in these areas, there is an additional cost of $100.  Paying the additional cost does not give you publishing rights. This just means RLD is not allowed to use the artwork for other means listed above and this covers the cost of what would be made off of the additional items. 

All paintings are done off of a photograph(s) that is provided.   Amanda does do progression photos as she paints and posts to Instagram if you wish to see some of her previous works. Any questions please ask. 


Sock Animals or Upcycling

RLD has over 90 sock animal patterns and will provide a list is asked. In likely hood is RLD may still have a pattern or will create one. Prices are located on the Sock Sidekick Gallery Section in the above link.

Once you decide on your sock sidekick pattern, send Amanda an email letting her know. She will contact you and ask for your color preference and the age of the recipient.  Felt eyes are only used for children 3 and under. She will send you a picture of the socks she has available for the critter pattern you request in the color you would like.  You choose and off she goes. Ususally after the socks are chosen, it takes two weeks. (If it is during the holidays, may take longer) She will send you a picture of the end product.

Editing and Graphic Design

Amanda does simple editing as well as logo work and charges $40 an hour.  To see an example of her work you can watch her YouTube or Over the Top Service Channels as well as look at her portfolio (logos coming soon).  Here is one of her Doodle Series.

Classes - Zoom and In Person

Before the pandemic hit, Amanda was teaching classes at Michael's Craft Store.  She hopes to go back sometime but not for the foreseeable future.

She now teaches Zoom art classes online. For more details go to the classes link. If you want to do classes at your own time you can also subscribe to her Over the Top services or a smaller version on her YouTube Channel Art with Whimsy.