Favorite Acrylic Art Paint - Liquitex Brand

February 20, 2017

I started painting with oil paints at a young age as mom taught me the basics of tole painting.  At that time oil paints had to be cleaned by turpentine.  It stunk, was messy and really was hard on your hands.  I truly loved working with oil paints but, at that time, there were not the cleaning supplies there are today.  Turpentine was your cleaning product end of story.


It was in college at University of Northern Iowa that I was introduced to Liquitex Acrylics.  I had used acrylics through high school and on craft pieces but they were the lower end paints. They work for their purpose, easy clean up and learning.  Being from a small town and no internet (had not been created yet), I did not realize there were different levels of paints. I really did not realize how good these paints I used in college were until I started painting again after 20 year hiatus.

When I picked up the canvas painting again, I chose acrylics because of the ease of clean up, the color pallet and price.   Purchasing lower end art acrylics, I experimented to see if I wanted to take this up professionally. They were good but did not cover over all paint as well. When I decided I wanted to continue and sell my pieces, I realized I needed a better paint. That lead me to purchasing different brands until I found my way back to Liquitex.  It had changed a bit in those 20 years. They had a cheaper version for starter artists which I find a good brand. What I had used in college had become their professional line with a liquid and a heavy body version.  I still like it the best because of the bright colors, the flow, and the ability to cover. 


So some of those things your learned in college do truly follow you... even 20 years later.




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