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Classes - Zoom and In Person

Amanda has a wide range of classes that she offers. Before the pandemic hit she taught at Michael's specializing in quick style inspired by Bob Ross and finger painting. She has expanded to watercolor and other types of classes.  

Right now she is doing online and in person classes at local Libraries.  If you are a library or group Amanda has special rates.  Please contact her for more details.


Art with Whimsy - Art Class in a Box

Art with Whimsy shares the joy of art with it's Art Class in a Box as well as Art Class DVDs.  These are classes that have been presented at the local libraries teaching the love of art to beginners.  Each box/DVD will have two projects to do.  A great gift for beginning artists.   

Age range varies.  If the class is being done as a family, a wide range of ages have participated.  All classes on the DVD can be paused to stay together.  Each project can take a half an hour to several on how you participate.

Available Art Classes

  • Fall 2021 Watercolor - Pumpkin and Fall Tree - DVD and Art Class in a Box

  • Winter 2021 Watercolor - Snowman and Snow Scene - DVD and Art Class in a Box

  • Monster Mayhem - Drawing for kids - Monster and Slime Faces - DVD and Art Class in a Box

  • Spring 2022 Watercolor - Cherry Blossom Tree and Field of Flowers. - DVD and Art Class in a Box

  • Celebrating the Basics for Kids - Color Wheel, Hue, Vertical and Horizontal, One Point Perspective, Faces in Things - DVD Only

  • Coming Soon - Summer 2022 Watercolor - Lavender and Sunset - DVD and Art Class in a Box

  • Coming Soon - Quick Style Painting - DVD Only

  • Coming Soon - Acrylic Painting - DVD Only

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