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Classes - Zoom and In Person

Amanda has a wide range of classes that she offers. Before the pandemic hit she taught at Michael's specializing in quick style inspired by Bob Ross and finger painting. She has expanded to watercolor and other types of classes.  

Right now she is doing online and in person classes at local Libraries, senior centers and events.  If you are a library or group, Amanda has special rates.  There are also one on one classes available. Please contact her for more details.

She is in the process of finding a location to host monthly art classes. Sign up for the newsletter for updates.


Art Classes Available 

Amanda has a wide range of classes available. 

Art Basics - Hour Classes

  • Color Theory - exploring color wheel, tints, tones shades and 3d on 2d.

  • Using Shapes in Drawing - how to view objects as shapes and building it back up.

  • One Point Perspective - drawing

  • Two Point Perspective - drawing

  • Three Point Perspective - drawing

  • Doodles - how they are a good thing and how to doodle.

Acrylic Painting

  • Quick Painting - Using Bob Ross style techniques and moving them to acrylic. 1 1/2 to 2 hours.

  • Pet Portrait - Paint your furry friend's portrait from a picture. Two/Three hours or two class days.

  • Detail Painting - learning about shadow and light getting into more detailed painting.  2 hour class.

Watercolor Class Beginning - Hour Class

  • Subjects for class - Cherry Blossom Tree, Field of Flowers, Lavender, Sunset, Pumpkin, Snowman, Holiday Tree, Watercolor Holiday Cards Class

Finger Painting - Hour Class

  • For young and young at heart. Many subjects for class.

Kids Classes - 45 to Hour Class

  • Monster Mayhem - Drawing for kids - Monster and Slime Faces

  • Bracelet Making - fun creating elastic bracelets and some basic of jewelry making.  

Upcycling Classes

  • Necktie Roses - learn to create a rose to make moments out of your or a loved one ties. 1hour Class

  • Sock Animals - may different levels from hour class to two hours to multiple days.

  • Cookie Cutter Ornaments - take those old cookie cutters and make some wonderful holiday ornaments. 1 hour.

  • Upcycling Jewelry - Taking something old and making it new again. Basics in jewelry making. 1 hour.

Prop Making

  • Basics in Prop Making - seeing items and reimagining into something else. 2 hours.

  • Steampunk Props - learn how to give goggles or toy guns that steampunk flavor with paint techniques. 2 hours.

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